STATEMENT Amethyst Initiative drinking age

We should reconsider the drinking age.

Since 1984, it has been imposed that people can legally drink alcohol when they are 21 years old. However, with this drinking age, there were many troubles in college and university all over the United States. Underage students secretly drank too much alcohol. Without the warning of the elderly, students binge drink, and it causes many troubles, such as car accidents, violence, and sex.
Sometimes, when they get drunk, they are not brave enough to go to the hospital because, if hospital officials know that these students get drunk, they will be punished by law.
Therefore, we should reconsider the drinking age. It should be 18 years old, but people of this age should be controlled about drinking because the elders, like college officials, can monitor and have discussions with students about drinking responsibly.

Legal drinking does not solve the problem of underage drinking.

Although the law says that only 21-year-olds have the right to alcohol, some underage students secretly drink alcohol in groups at home or in dormitories. Sometimes, they consume more alcohol than older people. Some students use fake ID cards to get the opportunity to drink alcohol.

How to sign the statement

  1. This is the way to sign the statement of the Amethyst Initiative. Please follow this process.
  2. Next, you must sign your name and organization name on all places that ask you to sign.
  3. Then, you have to return by postal service to Amethyst Initiative, 10 E Street, SE Washington, DC 20003
  4. The declaration could be sent via fax to: 202-543-8764

Only the administrators, including the university president and chancellor, can sign The Amethyst Initiative. Others do not have the right to sign it. You can sign up if you want to participate in The Amethyst Initiative.

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