Why signed? 

the Amethyst Initiative is signed

What do you have to do after signing the statement?

When you sign the statement, you agree that the drinking age of 21 is not suitable for students and universities in the United States. The Amethyst Initiative will discuss the problem of this drinking age with the government. The thing you have to do is participate in the discussion about the problems. The issues for discussion are about the appropriate drinking age for students and how to monitor and teach students to drink alcohol responsibly. You will get so much information from everyone’s proposal in a discussion. You have to listen deeply to consider the appropriate proposal in the debate. Moreover, you have to discuss discuss with students on your campus how to drink alcohol responsibly.

Why should we teach students to drink responsibly?

The students do not know the problem of drinking alcohol irresponsibly because they have not been confronted with it before. Therefore, they did not think about the issue after their performance. They did many bad things, such as drinking too much alcohol, driving an automobile after drinking, etc.  

However, the statistic shows the occasions of bad things from drinking too much alcohol. Drinking alcohol causes students to do bad things. They may be violent toward others. They may have sex with or assault others. Some girls may be victims of others attacking them when they get so drunk that they are not conscious.

You can read more about the impact from drinking alcohol by the amethys tinitiative clicking here

Many college officials have faced these incidents so many times because they teach many generations of students. However, the students studied at the university only once. They did not see the problem that college officials had faced. They may realize the problem with alcohol when they confront the issues themselves. They need to learn the problems before it is too late. They may be disabled, may get pregnant, may hurt others, etc.

Therefore, we must teach students to make responsible decisions about drinking alcohol. We should teach the effects of drinking too much alcohol. We should teach students to control their performance after drinking alcohol. We should teach students to prepare themselves before drinking alcohol.  

What will happen if the Amethyst Initiative is signed?

 Amethyst Initiative has the belief that if the law allows people to drink alcohol at a younger age, like 18 years old, something will happen like this:

  1. College and parents can intervene in students’ drinking. They can monitor students and help them set the limit on alcohol consumption at one time. This allows students to learn to control the appropriate limit for drinking by themselves and decreases the chance of being drunk.
  2. It is easier for colleges to have discussions about drinking alcohol.
    If the Amethyst Initiative is signed, colleges can frankly discuss with students how to drink alcohol responsibly. They will learn the limits of drinking, so they are not likely to binge on alcohol.
  3. Discussion about alcohol helps students make better decisions about it.
    If college and parents have discussions about alcohol with students, students will make better decisions about alcohol, such as how much to drink, etc. It decreases problems after drinking alcohol, for example:

Binge alcohol: If there is a discussion about alcohol, college officials can warn students about the effects of binge alcohol. Students will know the maximum quantity limit they can drink before they get drunk. The students will count the number of cans or bottles they drink alcohol from, which helps reduce.

Traffic crash after drinking: Binging too much alcohol causes many troubles. One of the problems students get after drinking alcohol is automobile accidents. Sometimes, they can crash into people or another car. Discussion about alcohol helps reduce the effect of driving after drinking alcohol. Moreover, the forum helps them know the alternative to drinking alcohol. If they drink too much alcohol, they should not drive a car. If they want to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol, they should set a limit to drinking alcohol. They can decide on one of these two choices.

Having sex after drinking: Discussion helps students know how to prevent being assaulted after getting drunk and how to control themselves not to have sex after drinking alcohol. If students are obedient teachers during discussions, the problem of having sex after drinking is reduced.  

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