The Amethyst Initiative was a project made up of officials in an organization called Choose Responsibility and administrators from universities around America. These people saw the problem of university students drinking too much alcohol. The issue of drinking too much alcohol caused many other problems, such as having sex, having a car accident, etc. So, these people originated The Amethyst Initiative to find a solution to these problems.  

The initiative include

Gustavus Adolphus College
The University of the South
Middlebury College
American International College
University of California

Problem of underage drinking in The United States

As shown in the statistics, there were a vast number of underage students drinking alcohol. It is indicated that 40% of college students not only drink alcohol but also drink too much alcohol. The issue of bringing alcohol to underage students is a massive problem in all colleges and universities in The United States.
Problem of underage drinking

Effect of drinking alcohol

It is reported that many students binge drink, and it causes many problems as intentional and unintentional effects such as:

Unintentional effect

  • Automobile accident: There is a report that intoxicated driver students drive their cars, crashing something around them, and it results in automobile accidents. Drivers sometimes suffer fatalities from car accidents.

  • Drowning: The research shows that a high degree of alcohol decreases the ability of people to swim and swim in the water. Therefore, it makes people drown while swimming, boating, or doing activities in the water.

Intentional effect

  • Firearm injuries: Alcohol is one thing that causes firearm violence. Holding firearms while drinking alcohol causes people to use their firearms to shoot down others. Governments are aware that drinking alcohol and carrying firearms are dangerous; they, therefore, make laws to prohibit people from holding firearms with themselves while drinking alcohol. However, the prohibition is only for people who have a habit of drinking too much alcohol or who get treatment for alcohol abuse. People with no condition from this are not prohibited from holding firearms while drinking alcohol. That does not eliminate firearm injuries from drinking alcohol. It could only reduce firearm injuries from alcohol. Additionally, heavily drinking alcohol sometimes causes people to use firearms to commit suicide.

  • Having sex after drinking: There is a culture that links drinking alcohol with having sex. The students go in a group, pair off, and hook up with each other. Sometimes, intoxicated students assault other students. On some occasions, some students get so drunk that they cannot protect themselves from sex rape. This sometimes causes female students to get pregnant during marriage.

  • Domestic violence: Drinking alcohol causes many kinds of violence. One kind of violence that happens from alcohol is domestic violence. Drinking alcohol sometimes causes someone to hurt their beloved person or person in the family.  

  • Alcohol poisoning: Alcohol poisoning is a result of drinking a large quantity of alcohol in a short period. Symptoms of a person with alcohol poisoning include confusion, vomiting, seizures, slow breathing, Skin that looks blue, gray, or pale, and low body temperature.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Drinking alcohol makes people make bad decisions about having sex. Someone has risky sexual behavior, like having sex without a condom. This behavior

  • Mental health problems: Additionally, alcohol activates brain receptors that release dopamine, the neurotransmitter that causes pleasure. By doing this, you deceive your body into experiencing pleasure and linking alcohol consumption to good emotions. However, drinking more causes your body to release less dopamine, which might result in mood swings that last longer.


What should we do if there are problems with alcohol?

Due to the alcohol binge among college students, there should be someone intervening to teach them how to drink alcohol appropriately. Signing up for the Amethyst initiative project is one way to help students learn about drinking alcohol responsibly. Parents and college officials can have discussions with students about alcohol. They can monitor and intervene to encourage students to drink alcohol in the proper quantity. They can talk to students about the consequences of drinking more than the limit. Also, students are taught what to do before drinking and how to calculate their drink.

What can you do if you sign the Amethyst Initiative?

If The Amethyst Initiative is signed, you will have a chance to have debates about reconsidering the legal age for drinking alcohol. If the laws for drinking are changed, you will have the opportunity to discuss with college students the issues of alcohol, such as how to drink alcohol responsibly, the effect of drinking alcohol too much, why we should not drive a car after drinking alcohol, etc.

Objectives of the Amethyst initiative


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