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The role of public health in shaping alcohol policy

Public health is significant in promoting the good health of the people. When they are informed about the health troubles in people, they will find the solution and make laws and regulations to solve the problems. Public health must solve the problems of overall society and specific communities.

Drinking alcohol is one of the problems that should be addressed in making policy to solve. There are many problems with people drinking alcohol both adolescents and adults. Alcohol causes people to engage in bad behavior such as doing violent things, having sexual assault, and driving a car to crash people and property. Moreover, alcohol causes harmful effects on people’s bodies.

Public health has a vital role in shaping alcohol policy. They can help make laws and regulations to control sellers and buyers of alcohol. This helps reduce the amount of alcohol consumption and control the behavior of alcohol drinkers. These are examples of policies that can be made by public health.

1. Increasing tax for alcohol

tax alcohol

Public health can create a policy to limit alcohol consumption in many ways. One of the ways is they can increase the tax on alcohol and minimum unit price. According to the studies, declining taxes and alcohol prices have an impact on the reduction in drinking alcohol.

This is because the alcohol seller increases the price of alcohol and the buyers can purchase a smaller amount of alcohol. Consequently, side effects from alcohol in drinkers are also reduced.

2. Banning the advertising

The studies show that advertising can increase the number of people who consume alcohol and cause more people with alcohol abuse. According to the studies, the price for advertisements has continued since the previous years. Moreover, some advertisements promote the positive effects of alcohol. This causes an increase in alcohol consumption.

Banning advertising is one way to reduce the total amount of people consuming alcohol. The studies show that banning advertising helps reduce some diseases resulting from alcohol. This is because people drink less alcohol, so side effects and diseases are reduced.

3. Drinking driving law

Drinking driving law

Car accidents after drinking occur many times in many countries around the world. This is because people do not realize the harmful effects of driving a car after drinking alcohol. This causes many car accidents.

Making a drinking driving law is one way to help reduce the number of car accidents in the street. This law makes people realize that driving after drinking is illegal, so some people may not drive after they drink alcohol. This can reduce the number of car accidents.

4. Restricting alcohol access

Public health can restrict the access to alcohol of the alcohol drinkers by limiting the day and time of selling alcohol. This can limit the physical access to the alcohol. Therefore, the amount of alcohol in people’s stomachs is reduced.

With the restriction, the health problems that occur in alcohol drinkers are decreased. Although people have side effects from alcohol, this method can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

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