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The relationship between alcohol and public safety

Alcohol causes people to control themselves to be moral. After drinking alcohol, people will show their bad habits because they lack self-control. The surveys show the statistics of people drinking alcohol before they do criminal performances. Therefore, it is assumed that alcohol can cause many people to do many criminal performances. It causes many people to get into trouble and destroy the public safety. Let’s see what crime results from people drinking alcohol.


Alcohol can cause people to be desperate and have a desire to steal property from other people. Some people would like to steal property to make themselves rich quickly. However, although they are rich from stolen property, they do not cease to be robbers. This causes them to be in jail.

Sex rape

According to the statistic, many people are victims of sexual assault by people who drink alcohol. Many people are assaulted, and they do not consent the drinker to assault them. These situations can occur in people of all ages, and many times, they happen in teenagers. It may happen to underage students and legal-age students who have the right to drink alcohol.

Aggravate assault

Studies show that alcohol can cause mood swings. After people drink so much alcohol, they cannot control their rawness instinct. They do what they want and are not concerned they are doing the wrong thing. The drinkers can be aggressive and do violent things. The drinkers may quarrel or fight other people. These actions cause injuries. Sometimes, if the fighting is so severe, it can cause murder.

Intimate partner violence

Alcohol can cause violence in couples. As you can see, alcohol can cause the person to show raw instinct, have violence, and lack self-control. It causes people to harm intimate people such as their couple. The violence that appears in people drinking alcohol includes sexual harm, hurting, and forcing couples to do whatever they want. The victims of violence take both physical and mental damage from the drinkers. Sometimes, one person is dumped by his couple without his consent, and he sees his couple begin the love with another person. He may be jealous of the love of his couple and others. Therefore, he may harm his couple.

Child abuse

Alcohol causes people who drink so much alcohol to be violent. These people may harm their intimate people, and children are some of the victims of the violence. Moreover, children are nurtured nonchalantly. These actions cause children to have many problems with their health and duplicate the violent actions of drinkers when they grow up.


The statistics show that many people drink alcohol before they commit homicide. So much alcohol in the body induces people to be violent, so they commit homicide without the feeling of guilt.

Cause of crime from alcohol

The crime from alcohol results from so much alcohol inducing people to do immoral things without the feeling of guilt. People do not know the impacts of drinking so much alcohol. When they drink so much alcohol, alcohol disrupts their brain in part that controls emotion and many kinds of thinking, such as critical thinking. Moreover, alcohol causes a reduction of self-control in drinkers. Their raw distinction appears. They are not concerned that their action is good or bad. If they have a chance to do criminal things, they usually do it.

How to stop criminal action from drinking alcohol

The way to stop criminal activity is to stop drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol can induce people to do these actions. Therefore, stopping consuming alcohol is the best way to cease crime and improve public safety.

As you can see, many people are victims of the criminal performance of many drinkers. This is because so much alcohol causes people to lack self-control. Alcohol causes people to do many criminal things, so if you drink alcohol, be aware of the effects of drinking alcohol. You should not drink so much alcohol that you are addicted to it. If you are addicted to alcohol, you should stop it. If you don’t stop it and cannot control your raw instinct, you will be victimised by many people.


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