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How long does alcohol stay in your system?

When you drink alcohol, the alcohol will go to the liver. Then, the liver metabolizes alcohol, changing it to energy and sending it to all body parts. However, if a large amount of alcohol stays in your body, this cause alcohol endangers your body. Moreover, the liver must spend more time metabolizing alcohol and eliminating it from your body. 

A period of alcohol staying in the system

 Alcohol will stay in each part of the system for a different range of time. It depends on part of your system.

Blood: After you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your blood for 6 hours.
Urine: After you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your urine for 12-24 hours. However, if you have heavy drinking, alcohol will stay in your urine for 72 hours or more. 
Saliva: After you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your saliva for 12-24 hours.
Breath: After you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your breath for 12-24 hours.
Hair follicle: After you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your hair follicle for 90 days.
Milk breast: When you get pregnant and you drink alcohol, alcohol will stay in your milk breast after drinking for 30 minutes. The liver spends an hour to eliminate alcohol for one standard drinking from your body.

Factor of alcohol absorption to the body

The period that alcohol will stay in your body depends on many factors. These are the factors that cause the difference in how long alcohol stays in your body.

Gender: Normally, the proportion of water in women is less than in men. This causes alcohol to stay in the woman’s body for a longer period.
Body shape: Alcohol will stay in smaller people longer than in bigger people. This is because the composition of smaller people causes them to tend to have higher blood pressure after drinking alcohol. Although smaller and bigger people drink the same amount of alcohol, the smaller people will have higher blood pressure, and alcohol will stay in their bodies for a longer time.
Food: The food you have eaten slows alcohol absorption in your alimentary canal. It causes the alcohol to stay in your body for a longer period, but it decreases intoxication after drinking.
Medication: Some medication has impacts on the process of alcohol in the body.

The period that alcohol stays in your system is different in each system. Alcohol stays in each part of your body parts and organs for different ranges of time. Moreover, after people drink alcohol, the period that alcohol stays in each person is different depending on the amount of drinking, gender, body shape, food, and medication. Therefore, the range of time alcohol will stay in each person and part of the body are different. 

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