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How do we teach young adults to drink alcohol responsibly?

The problem of young adults drinking alcohol

The problems of drinking alcohol in teenagers occur in many countries around the world and appear for a long time. The issues of drinking alcohol arise both in underage and legal-age teenagers. Many underage teenagers secretly drink alcohol. Some underage teenagers make fake ID cards and tell the bar that they are at the age that they can drink alcohol. They are not concerned that doing this is illegal. They only think that they want to drink alcohol. Some underage teenagers drink alcohol at their home or dormitory secretly. Their parents or guardians do not know that they drink alcohol.

Moreover, they drink alcohol more than the recommended limit so many times. Sometimes, they drink alcohol more than the legal age. On the other hand, legal-age young adults drink alcohol more than the recommended limit many times. They do not care about the consequences of drinking excessive alcohol. They only know that they have the right to drink.

Problems in the body

The problem of drinking alcohol more than the recommended limit causes many consequences after drinking. For example, they have the physical side effects from alcohol, such as unconsciousness, vomiting, seizure, etc. Moreover, alcohol disrupts some parts of the brain. It has negative impacts on your development and thinking skills. Some underage people receive side effects and suffer from alcohol, but they do not dare to go to the hospital. This is because they are afraid that the official in the hospital know that they drink alcohol, so they endure their suffering.

Problems with having sex

Problems with having sex

Alcohol causes problems with sex in young adults. Drinkers may be assaulted, or they may assault others. After some people girls excessively drink alcohol, some boy assaults them. They cannot resist these boys because they are drunken. Therefore, they are the victims of sex rape.

Sometimes, the intoxicated drinkers may assault others without permission. This is because they do not care about the consequences of their action when they heavily drink alcohol. So, they do not care that their victims are pregnant and will be in jail because they have taken an illegal activity. As a result, they assault each other, and the problems occur.

Probably, the two drinkers, which are a man and a woman, may have sex with each other after drinking alcohol. Alcohol causes the person to lose the ability to self-control. So, when they would like to have sex together, they do it immediately. Moreover, some colleges have a culture of drinking alcohol and having sex. Therefore, they think it is expected to have sex after drinking alcohol. However, they do not think about the problems after their action. Thus, issues such as pregnancy occur during the study time.

Car accident

After getting drunk, people cannot control themselves. Moreover, their visuals will be narrower. Therefore, it is easy for the drinkers to have car accidents after drinking heavily. The statistics show that there are many car accidents from people who drink alcohol.

Many adults experience these problems caused by young adults in many generations. However, young adults experience these problems only once. When they confront issues, they may be disabled or pregnant. This causes young adults to be depressed with the situation that occurs to them. Some young adults may think they would not let this situation happen if they had attended the past event. But it is impossible to do that.

Therefore, adults need to educate young adults to drink alcohol responsibly so that they will not have problems like the previous situations. …

Teach underage students to realise the prohibition of drinking alcohol.

Underage students secretly drink alcohol because they do not know the consequences of drinking alcohol at their age. Therefore, they use fake IDs to go to the pub and then drink alcohol, or they drink alcohol at home or dormitory without letting their parents or guardians know.

However, alcohol deteriorates their brain development. When adolescents drink alcohol, alcohol will harm myelination and synaptic refinement, which helps the brain to which help the brain improve reaction, organising, planning, and halting an impulses. Therefore, these abilities will need to be improved more effectively. Moreover, alcohol reduces the effectiveness of their brain functions such as memory, concentration, and spatial ability.

Underage students do not know that alcohol causes the problem like this. Therefore, we need to teach students to understand and realise the side effects of drinking alcohol. When they know and recognise the consequences, they will obey the prohibition. This is because they see the ban as not for anyone but for themselves.

How to teach legal-age young adults to drink responsibly

How to teach legal-age young adults to drink responsibly

Drinking alcohol responsibly is essential for young adults because this can reduce the problems occurring to themselves and the people around them. Hence, we need to teach these adolescents to drink responsibly. These are the ways to drink responsibly. Adults should teach these ways to them.

  1. Do not drink and drive.
    Adults should teach young adults to know that if they drink alcohol, they should not drive a car. This is because it is dangerous for them and others on the road. They may crash others, and these people get injuries and fatalities. On the other hand, they may get injuries and deaths. Sometimes, these things happen to both them and their victims.

    Adults can teach young adults to realise the negative impacts of driving after drinking alcohol by telling past events about car accidents after drinking alcohol. This helps the young to know the consequences, and some parts of the adolescents will not drive after drinking.
  2. Do not drink alcohol excessively
    Adults should teach young adults to drink at most the recommended limit. These are the things that adults should teach young adults.
    – Adults should teach adolescents about how to count the recommended limit of drinking alcohol. This helps them to know how much they can drink.
    – Adults should teach young adults about the effects in the short-term and long-term of drinking alcohol. This helps young adults to realise that they should not drink alcohol more than the recommended limit.
    – Adults should be taught some tips for drinking alcohol, such as having a meal before drinking alcohol. This can limit the amount of alcohol that goes into their stomach because the spaces in their guts are reduced by the food they have eaten.

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