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Strategies to prevent underage drinking

14 January 2024/

Underage drinking is a problem occurring in many countries around the world. Many underage adolescents secretly drink alcohol at home or dormitory. Some underage adolescents use fake IDs to purchase alcohol. They do not realize that they do illegal things. There is a prohibition for…

Alcohol withdrawal timeline

8 January 2024/

What is alcohol withdrawal? Alcohol withdrawal is a change in the central nervous system after stopping drinking alcohol abruptly. Alcohol withdrawal occurs in people who drink alcohol continually for a long time. This change in the central nervous system results in symptoms that make the…

Is alcohol a depressant?

3 January 2024/

What is a depressant? A depressant is a chemical that prevents the central nervous system’s function and disrupts our brain’s working processes, such as response, decision-making, and memory. At first, depressants make us relax. After we consume a lot of depressants, it reduces the competence…

How long does alcohol stay in your system?

30 December 2023/

When you drink alcohol, the alcohol will go to the liver. Then, the liver metabolizes alcohol, changing it to energy and sending it to all body parts. However, if a large amount of alcohol stays in your body, this cause alcohol endangers your body. Moreover,…

How to help people with alcohol poisoning

21 December 2023/

Definition Alcohol poisoning is a symptom that results from people drinking too much alcohol in a short period. As a result, alcohol is absorbed into the body rapidly. Your liver does not have enough time to eliminated from the body. That causes a large amount…

Effect of alcohol on the body

3 December 2023/

Drinking alcohol affects both physical and mental health. Both kinds of adverse health make you live unhappily and endanger your body. The more you drink, the more your body gets hurt and damaged. Let’s see the effect of alcohol on each part of your body,…

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